Email Signature, Email Branding

Branding your emails will help your business stand out in your current customers’ inboxes. Since they already know your brand, it’s important to make your business recognizable so they can quickly associate an email with your business. It will also help you build familiarity with potential customers who signed up to learn more about what you have to offer.

What it involves?

i. Add your logo

You can easily upload and store your logo in your Constant Contact account. Make sure to position your logo at the top of an email you send out so that it’s one of the first things people see when they click to open.

ii. Customize your colors

You don’t have to guess which colors fit your brand. Tools like Color Cop for PC users, or Digital Color Meter for Macs, allow you to pull the RGB or Hex value of the colors on your website or in your logo. You can then enter these values into your Constant Contact account and we’ll provide the colors that match.

iii. Use consistent fonts

When choosing fonts for your emails, it’s typically best to keep things simple. Using too many different fonts can make your emails look messy and distract readers from the message you want to get across.

Hopefully you’re already using a consistent font on your website or blog that you could also use in your emails. Choose one or two fonts that fit your brand and be consistent in each message you send out.

iv. Add visuals

Your email should have an eye-catching image that pulls the reader in and makes them want to pay attention. One of the best places to find photos that help with branding will be on your social media sites.

Constant Contact customers can integrate their accounts with Facebook and Instagram, and easily add photos to the emails they send out.

Choose photos that help people get to know, like, and trust your business — like photos of your staff, products, or loyal customers.

v. Include relevant links

In addition to the links you include for people to take action on your emails, (shop online, donate, register, etc.) you should also include links to places like your website and social channels so that people can connect with you beyond the inbox and learn more about what you have to offer.

With an email template, you can easily add social media buttons that link directly to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Instagram accounts.

vi. Find your voice

This one can take a little practice, but as you continue to send emails on a regular basis you really need to think about the “voice” you use in the messages you send out. After all, your brand isn’t just about the look of your messages; it’s also reflected in the content that you write.

vii. Signature Management

Keep and maintain your brand and corporate identity consistent by centralizing the look and feel of signatures on every mail that leaves your organization.

viii. Templates for digital marketing

Newsletter, thank you, announcement and event invitation templates

ix. Correct Name and Contact Details

How often do you see emails with an incorrect job title, a phone number with a typo, or even no contact details at all? This leads to unnecessary effort when you then need to contact that person… not too mention company embarrassment when old Bob decides to call himself the CEO one day. It’s vital to pull these details straight from your Corporate Directory so that you can ensure they are correct AND up to date.

x. Social Media Icons

For the true web savvy company… Add links to any social media networks that your business belongs to, this gives the reader another source of interaction with your company. The average business users sends and receives over 100 emails every day – make use of this hugely popular medium!

xi. Promotional Banner

We like to think that customers and prospects constantly visit our website, unfortunately this is not the case… BUT we do send them emails every week! Turn every email into an advertising opportunity with an attractive promotional banner, this could include your latest product or sale.

xii. Appropriate Disclaimer

These days it’s vital to be 100% confident that every email being sent from your organisation is compliant with the latest laws and regulations. Specify a standard email disclaimer message to be appended to all emails leaving your company.

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