Email marketing is one of the traditional marketing methods for the internet. t has been there and its here to stay. If you are in business and have not invested in email marketing, then you are missing out on a very large potion of the market per say the clientelle. Email marketing has never stopped gaining momentum as one way of promoting businesses.

The power of email marketing has been for long been under estimated when various digital marketing tools and methods entered the market such as social media marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO).

There is alot that email marketing has to offer and its benefits are solid if well executed. Below we look at some of the benefits of using newsletter as an email marketing tool.

  • Connect and communicate with customers

Some businesses consider newsletters as an easy source of communication to both employees and clients. Informing staff of new policies products and rewards. What better tool to use to communicate the same including events, special discounts to your audience than newsletter. As much as you aim at communicating with your through the newsletter, you build trust with them and show them that they are valued.

  • Increase website traffic

Most email marketing platforms have built-in analytics that helps you gauge your brand’s performance and your customer’s needs. By regularly sending newsletters, you are likely to attract visitors to your website through call-to-actions and hence enhance product/service purchases. Ensure you use strong and persuasive call-to-action when crafting your newsletters;

When considering a set up for your website, do ask your designer/developer to consider newsletter feature on the website.

  • Maintain relationships and networks

No better way to maintain and strengthen relationships with your clients/ audience than to keep them engaging, and in this case, with the right content. We consider this a very good way to keep in touch with your clients and interested audiences with little effort, considering newsletters are very easy to produce. Ensure your newsletters have appealing formats and ensure you send instantaneous newsletters to everyone on the company’s email list. By sending regular newsletters, you remind your audience or readers about the company, and hence when they need a product or a service, they are more likely to contact you.

  • Drives sases

Newsletter provides you with an opportunity to give incentives such as special promotions, discounts, or coupons and thus driving your sale for your product or service or a lead to your website. Offer/Showcase your products, explaining their benefits to your audiences in a newsletter.

  • Educate and inform

Once in a while drop a piece of educative information or a product, or service to your audience on a newsletter. This way you increase the awareness of your product/service. At the same time, it lets you pass the message to your audience without a bother since an email can be read again and again at one’s convenient time. This way the audience is reminded of the new products/services that you have to offer. Offers, discounts, and coupons can also be used so as to entice the audience to make a purchase. Regularly doing this keeps them eager for the discounts/offers/deals/coupons.

  • Grow social media community

You are likely to get a high click-rate to your social media platforms if your newsletter has social share links/buttons. Growing social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, which are essential to the growth of a business, requires more time and work. Newsletters can come in handy in growing such platforms and hence help build your online community if not generating more activities on the platforms.

Strengthens your business reputation, credibility and authority
As much as email marketing cannot replace other forms of promoting businesses, it’s still a valuable tool of marketing/advertising. By Consistely deliverring valuable and relevant information to your audience, you boost trust in your brand.

  • Reach target market

Considering the people who have shown interest in your business/ service/ product, newsletters will get to the right company’s target market. Newsletters will also consider the business client preferences and interests at the same time informing and asking the audience updated without asking them for a purchase or a contribution

  • Low cost advertising method

In comparison to other forms of advertising and marketing, email marketing is relatively less expensive to produce. Since newsletters are sent electronically, they eliminate the cost for paper and postage, and the addition of an extra segment to the newsletter does not mean a new employee but can be added to an existing employees’ workloads.

  • Sell Sponsorships

Who doesn’t love some extra coins in the pocket/bank? The sale of additional sponsorships within your or on your subscriptions provide some extra revenue stream.

  • Newsletters are low-risk and high-reward

Considering most of your audience are people who have previously shown interest in business/ product/ service, you are likely to spend less effort on convincing them as they will be more receptive to your marketing efforts than the general audience that you are likely to find via social media or via search engine advertising.

  • Boost your content marketing strategy

A Newsletter builds on and enhances other content that you publish on either social media, search engine,s or on your website rather than being a replacement to other outreach channels and marketing strategies.

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