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Costs Involved in Setting Up a Small Business Website

Do you know your website can perform 90% of the Sales Process for you?

A website is an important investment for your business and it’s the PERFECT platform to create the PERFECT Sales Representative.

Below we guide you through the various costs of operating a website.

1. Purchasing a domain name

This is an id on the internet, usually the name ‘unique’ of your website “Address” – which is usually bought from a domain registrar. Different domain names differ in cost – .com,, .org, .biz,, .org etc – and on what other extra services are provided.

Generally, .com domain names costs around Ksh 1,000/USD 10 per year, costs around Ksh 1,000/USD 10 to Ksh 1,500/USD 15 per year.

2. Web hosting & Email Hosting

Basically a space/panel on the server that is permanently connected to the internet. Your website files and emails will be hosted on the server.

Mostly, web Hosting costs depend on extent on the size and complexity of your website. For a small website, the cost is rarely more than Ksh 15,000/USD 150 per year. This cost can go up depending what extra features you might want, such as speed, regular backups, email mailboxes, Email branding, SSL Certificates, error logs and the ability to run more advanced technical scripts and apps.

3. Website design and development

Defined as the process of developing and creating web pages, is likely to be the most expensive element of having a website. Costs usually depend on features and complexities such as;

  • the number of pages
  • the complexity of the design/structure
  • Content provided, and what the developer will have to source from subcontractors
  • Integrated features are needed, such as data feeds, animation or streaming video
  • Interactive features you will need – e.g. a shopping cart / e-commerce system
  • Programming language to be used or content management system so you can update the website yourself ongoing without the need to know how to write website code or presence of a developer

As a guide, many freelance web designers may produce a simple website from copy and imagery that you provide for under Ksh 25,000/USD 250, although of course this can go high depending on if the site needs to be larger, more interactive, and more complicated.

Creating a more complex or dynamic website/system/online software, you will probably need to use an experienced full service website design and development company, of which you should benefit from their know how and technical expertise. They should have vast skills and experience you are unlikely to have in your business or from a web designer alone.

Costs may differ and some are high; a good digital company/agency may charge more coins a day, while a very complex website, costs will surge upwards to several thousands into tens of thousand shillings/dollars. It’s important to regard this as an investment for the future success of your business.

At inTelix Solutions can get you a domain name, design, build, host and maintain a website for your busines including regular updating of the content and imagery. We have a range of competitive packages to suit your specific needs and budget. A do it yourself website update option is also available. We offer free training and support in most of our website design packages. Find out more of our here

4. SSL Certificate

This is an very important and key feature in a website.

SSL, (Secure Sockets Layer), is an encryption technology that creates a secure connection between your website’s server and your website visitor’s web browser. This allows for information to be protected during transmission between the two.

In 2017, Google changed their policy to penalize websites that don’t have SSL certificates. Google even gives raking boosts to sites that use HTTPS and has been doing so for some time now!

SSL Certificates range from Ksh 2,500/USD 25 to Ksh 40,000/USD 400 per annum depending on the type of SSL, strength and protection flexibility.

We usually advise that SSL should be used to secure your web site transactions, logins and connections.

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5. Ongoing website maintenance

It’s important to keep your website up-to-date considering the changes of your website, technology and design styles.

For a complex website, a professional website design company is preferred best to handle mainataince and ‘updating”, as much as there are many independent web maintenance specialists to choose from. Website maintenance and update contracts usually depends on how complicated a website is.

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